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I am being bullied by a player. Over a thousand hits and contuining. I thought bullying was not allowed. This guy just wont stop. Its time he moved on.

Can you afford to buy mercs ? If so buy the best you can, Then see if you can slot him out , Even though he hits you try and save to buy weapons and get a lot of mobis,spend a few hrs doing it , Last thing is ,,,,,, incom incom income get shed loads of money ,. I know it seems a vicious circle you get money he hits you and takes it , set your alarm on your phone/watch to collect money befor he hits you and takes it , join a Crew for protection , All s not lost ,one day you will smash the S&@? out of him ,

Well said @Carl Jones

This lady from NBK 2 have been attacking me with several accounts nonstop over 5k hits in a week started losing on one then boom started hitting from a higher one its just ridiculous she really help
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