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Not able to hit back lower lvl's who attack higher lvl's

This has happened twice so far ,, should they be fair game ??

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Once you have attacked the Rival as many times as they have attacked you, you can not attack them anymore.

Same thing happened to me.

You can't attack if the RIVAL is LEVEL 3 or less... above that there is no level check in RIVAL attack backs,.

what really gets on my nerves is the epidemic if players hitting u out a er to go back into er ...this is called gophering and is widespread
Are there rules that restrict how many levels you can attack down? Thanks
Reference DEV ,, comment yes they are in rivals ,, but when you attack them it says you can not attack a lower lvl !! You are to high !!

I agree that if a lower level attacks you and wins, you should be able to fight back.  This level protection scheme is far too restircitve.

If a low level attacks you and defeats you. You can always hit back from 'Rival List'.

Just lvl faster mate simple or farm faster even get your mob to war theres payback then
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