Ops are one way to earn experience, cash and in some cases special Units that help you complete other Ops. Ops can be done in various zones around the world.

All Ops have requirements in terms of Supplies, Commander Count, Units and Level. Additional Zones and Ops are unlocked as you reach specific levels. On completing all the Phases of Ops in a Zone, you gain Tactical points which can be used to increase power or GROUND, AIR or NAVAL Units.


You gain experience and cash by battling other players. Each battle takes away some of your health too. You must have a minimum amount of health and 1 AMMO point to engage in Battle.  The outcome of a Battle depends on your Commander Count, their distribution  and the kind of Units they are commanding. In a Battle, whether attacking or defending, the game automatically equips each Commander with 5 each of a best Units from ARMY, AIR FORCE, NAVY and SPECIALS that you have deployed. Each 1 Commander gets to command at max. 5 ARMY UNITS, 5 AIRFORCE UNITS, 5 NAVY UNITS and 5 SPECIAL UNITS. If you have CAPTAINS, they will enhance your power by taking extra of each specific to Captains. The max. number of Commanders that can be engaged in battle is: (your (level) * 3)   1.


You can order Strikes on other players. These players get listed in StrikeList so that other players can claim the promised commission. A Strike order is claimed only when the opponent's military is 'decimated' during a battle i.e. the opponent's health becomes 0. StrikeList is a good way to seek revenge.

Rival List

Another way to seek revenge on players who have defeated you is to get back at them via Rival list. This list keeps track of opponents who have defeated you. You get to attack them back, regardless of their level, but just as many times as they had beaten you.


There under 4 categories of Units (Army, Air Force, Navy and Special) that are used when attacking or defending against militaries of other players. More powerful Units become available as you go up in level. Some Units called Pillage cannot be bought and can only be gained by doing Ops.


Add additional attack and defense powers to your battle capabilities. Each kind of Captain comes with certain attack and defense power and can command certain number of additional units. This supplements the attacking capabilities of your military. The max. number of Mercs that can be used in an attack is (your level) *3.


Here a player can invest his cash in various properties in order to gain more cash. The money coming in from Properties in at a set rate is known as Income. The price of these properties increase as you buy more and more of them.


Some Units have Upkeep. This upkeep is the cash automatically deducted from your Income every cycle. If you do not have enough income to cover your upkeep costs, income goes negative  and equivalent amount of money is deducted from cash in hand.


You can deposit your in-hand cash into the bank for safe keeping. There is a 10% charge for depositing money in the Treasury. This Cash is always safe from other player as they cannot take it from you in a battles. There is no charge for withdrawing money to buy Properties or Units.


When low on health you can go to Repairs to instantly recover the fighting capabilities of all of your Units. The cost  for this service is deducted directly from the Treasury and not in-hand cash.


Each player in the game is assigned a unique Commander Code after installing the game. You can invite other players to be one of your commander if you know their Commander Code. Alternatively, other players can invite you if they enter your personal Commander Code. But these invitations need to be manually accepted or rejected. You will get notifications when someone sends you an invitation

To find players interested in joining your military, you can use the game's official Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/BattleCryLive