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Be nice if Rival attacks don't show or don't give Rival the other side. Its like a dog trying to catch its tail running around for ever. Winder how many agree with me

That's the point of rival attacks, but i do see what you mean. Unless you add them after you get even.

Rivalry should continue until either one of them accepts alliance...

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There are people in game using a bot to repeatedly attack the same rival. There should be a limit on how many times you should be able to attack the same person. Its that way with hit listing

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The rivalry/commander up is good idea,but then what's to say that they uncommander and start doing the same thing again.

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There should be a limited to farming individuals. Coz some players do this continuously ..Even if either sides choose not to mob up .. Let's face it some people are jus plain as$hole$.. After a certain period the slates should be wiped clean from one another or at least a truce timed period .. So both sides can breathe and keep enjoying the game..
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