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Ideas to improve Battlecry

Here is a few of suggestions to make the game better. 1) Can you allow for more war history? A month history would be great. 2) Can you change it to where outposts can be bought in increments of 10 instead of 9 since for each level up, 10 units are needed? 3) Can you add HQ to main screen so we don't have to go to alliance then hit HQ to look at states? Or, have a setting in settings that allows us to set default to alliance page? 4) When leveling up during a war, do not have level up screen appear because it delays hitting. 4) Feedback page in Battlecry is going to DTM page instead of Battlecry. 5) FIX LAG which is causing problems for all.

How are these ideas working out? Nothing seems to be improved
First we need new players maybe advertise under war game and chat room. just say you have to get to lev 25 to get alliance where 12 people could have private chat room. As far as game play tourney is by far your biggest money maker my suggestion 3 yrs ago by the way. U should add aircraft carriers to the game but limit them to about 52. Each navy fed can manage 1 or 2 even with only 52 it will take up around 35 bill hrly so come out with gold carrier and charge a lot of gold for them players cant resist a chance to get the upper hand also drones for air and ground. You can add gold units airplanes to go on the carriers as well. Your gold prices to expensive seriously new gold prices a must. Me personally i dont spend in game because u dont give enough gold for the money it costs.1$ for 70 gold 5$ for 500 10$1250 25$ 5000 and so on. New gold items such as unlimited ammo for an hr and unlimited ammo for 24 hrs would sell like crazy would make a fortune off my idea you need to agressively get new players more players more money more competition. Mix things up a little. Give a special ops to reduce inflation 2 percent and make it reduce all so its cheaper to add hrly give new. Econ under industry make it 2 percent and buy 49 at a time just like weapons so the econ that is 11 becomes 9 after inflation boost the ones that are 2 percent become one percent then u can add the new equip that i mentioned and players can afford it. If you impliment my ideas pls reward me!
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