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items and income scale

Hey devs I've searched and searched for a web site that aids in this game for just a simple items list and where they can be found.the answer I get back from emailing was just to touch on the item.this only holds true on ops that your attempting to would be nice to know that you can acquire the same item that u see on another account or at least work towards it.The not knowing is what causes frustration.And on the income issue,this will allow say a lvl 59 transitioning to a lvl 60 to either camp till he can fully arm,use drone hits which will most likely not be enough but helps.and not to mention a player can spot a botched beefed up cheater.fairness is what makes us stay.some don't have the money for getting the best stuff..but at least we would know where it came from.thank you for your time.I hope others would agree on this.

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Estimated Income per lvl would be nice. Problem is as all knows that it depends on the Feds that you have all I'm saying is a maximum and a minimum just get Us close in a ballpark figure this will allow people to Camp until they are ready to play and know when they can fully arm. Also to spot an account that is outrageously rich for its level Common Sense tells you that a person that camps clearly is missing out on playing the game because of lack of money which represents about 85 to 90% of the players here on BC the other 15 to 10% can pray on all of the campers because their money is more than enough and it wasn't done fair and square I don't know if you guys check for scripting but that was a big problem with Storm8 and World War
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