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Apple update 10.2

I updated my iPhone today to ISO 10.2. now Battle Cry try's to open then closes down after 2 seconds. Is any one else having same problem

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I can't play I ether of there games hope they get it sorted out
Has any progress been made with BattleCry freezing after update 10.2 was installed on my iPhone
Here is my commander code
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Same problem here
What is being done to overcome the problem of BattleCry freezing whilst trying to open & run BattleCry after Apple update 10.2 as it's still freezing when opening to use BattleCry A RESPONSE WOULD BE APPRECIATED
Yes. I have the same problem. I can't login to the game. HELP PLEASE.
My command code - Dr Strangelove Also, I have 100 Billion from Tournament. Help please
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(1.2 MB)
I submitted a TICKET regarding this issue.

@All, we are working on fixing the issue. A new update will be make available that should fix the issue. 

I was told almost two weeks ago a update to dtm was submitted already to fix the 10.2 issue But I don't know if it was all my apps that had issues with 10.2 issue have all been fixed but this one :( some even had two updates since I may phone apple see if I can find out anything Getting really frustrated with hearing it will get fixed SOON been almost a month now
Hi Vin, How's the update going for the 10.2 update problem regards. Derek
Lousy! There is no update! I'm really becoming irritated over this issue. I want compensation… Serious compensation.

The issue was later resolved.

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