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Stalker on battlecry named Gary Busey

I have this guy named Gary busey that will not leave me alone an I've asked him then I blocked him an haven't replied to any of his comments or strikes well he keeps putting strike on me as another way to contact me an leaves me messages on the counter strikes.... I still haven't replied to any of his ways of trying to talk to me...he blows up my messages an i can't ever see my messages because they only go so far an then disappears... I downloaded this game to enjoy playing with my boyfriend an I've already deleted it once because Gary busey causing problems.... I would like to keep the game but if he continues to stalk me an want leave me alone then I'm going to delete the game..I've been playing this game for about 6-7 months an never had a problem til this wouldn't be as bad but he want leave me alone an he is only doing it to make my boyfriend mad an it has caused problems between me an my boyfriend a few times...I can't even enjoy the game because this guy want leave me alone as I have asked if him nicey an he just keeps on an on an now that I sent a message to the devs an he they sent him a warning well he puts a counter strike in me just to laugh at me because he only got a warning...I'm done being nice about the situation... something has to be done an he also has a few other accounts as well....I want him to leave me alone an i dont know what to do... PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THIS SITUATION....
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Yes it's a game don't take any notice of it and so what if you get Strikes on you that is also part of the game.
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