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Wow restricted from posting my code to others walls. In the first place over the past 4-5 years devs has systematically allowed harassment of other players for a very long time just like in world war they’d made it to where if a player wanted to harass you on their walls or otherwise yeah this game sure hasn’t changed much then kids are allowed to jump onto what should be an adult only game but hasn’t the language used and the actual disrespectful behavior an name calling, not to mention did I mean the hackers that hack the game everyday to miss use it. And the false reporting is even out of control as well people false reporting others to stop them from playing the game. So I have a hater that’s blocked me from communicating with friends now I can’t even post my code to someone else’s walls because I’m restricted now because oh they can post harassing comments and get away with it but because I don’t buy gold packages an reset one account only once I’m not important to bc. I came to bc years ago and started playing right after world war was pulled from the market and this isn’t even worse than ww. Seriously devs you’re going to punish others for big mouths that want to start something and then make lies up and get hurt feelings about a comment that offended them? So now a stupid game is limiting free speech. Either you fix this game Devs or you’re going to end up just like world war a dead company that made a losing game because of the harassment people endure an the hacking. It’s wrong you allow kids on it an allow punks to disrespect other players on their walls troll them then harass them more. Since dove come back to bc I’ve put up with stupidity on my wall these kids can’t shut up seriously I’ve pinned some of their stupid remarks to my wall. Asking me if in the green weenie and all this bs then trying to bring families up yeah you think that gets to me it doesn’t necessarily because all my folks are dead so let’s leave that crap out. What in pointing out is the false reporting an harassing of others. Needs to stop grow up if you’re beaten down okay you’re code I’ll accept it if I don’t it’s because you’d angered me for some reason give it time I’ll cool off I treat this as a game I have real life unlike some of the trouble makers out there I’ve seen constantly on that don’t have or care to have a life. Bc is just a game kids and if you can’t learn to live with that delete it. False reporting is a thing of the past needs to stop. If I can’t beat you im going to post my code rather than boohoo over it.
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