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all these updates....

Just wondering with all these updates is devs simply catering to the highlevel players or are you even considering the fact that not all the players in battlecry are level 100 plus ..... ill tell you this and heed my warning keep jacking and tweaking to please the ones who are higher up . And you will lose the low level players . The ones who have been building their accounts long before you even added outposts. Ive seen talk of more Iincome buildings. Less upkeep etc... I know ive spent real money on my account. Yet I feel I will refrain from further purchasing of gold do to your (devs) catering to the high levels and not caring about the little guys

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Please specify which update you are mentioning... also the purpose of the game is to level up and be more powerful... there has to be incentives for players to reach higher levels and get access to higher power weapons.

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