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compliments to games you create and future ideas

Dear developers I want to say you guy made the best game apps ever. Its easy to navigate and you meet great people. I am a proud paid supporter to your games and continue to donate more and more. Im just wondering if you can create another RPG game. Car rac8ng street racing or something but have all the updated vehicles from 2000 to 2014 it would be great.. add features li,e modding cars collecting cars and drag race realtime. Thanks Keep up the great work! BattleCry game.... can you put a ranking in the game where each country stands against the world. Example...... 1. USA 2. Germany 3. UK 4.Canada 5.China 6.France another idea is combine one country as one country so they cant attack other players that support there home country..its silly to see usa players attacking usa players that would be a whole new app called civil war thanks.

The country flags are used just as a general association... conceptually the world is at chaos and many of the military leaders are spawing at different places (may be with in the same country) and claiming they are ultimate leader... the countries as we know it, does not exists in the game world. 

We may consider the flag level leader board in the future... but as of now since most of the players are US based, it may not be fare enough competition.

Ok I understand. Thanks for replying. And keep up the great work. :)

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