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Ita all about GOLD

i have just recently posted an old ww buddy of mine with reference to the gold hes using this is my post to him ( i would have thought better of you Azrael but to buy the acct as far as im concerned your out oif my game do what you have but you gold carriers never get the respect off me and probably alot of others so i suggest you play yourselves and leave us BUILDERS alone cos i cant afford the additional money to throw away on a game and remember that its a GAME its not real.) 

Now if your like myself in dire straights financially because of the "recession" its not possible for me to compete as i use plenty of gold when warring so why is this great game being ruined by the rich EH! im in it long term but its cheating Gold should Be capped so we get equal chances at the very least and tbh i cant see myself bothering to continue with the game  what yer thoughts

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