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Little Suggestions

1) When attacking off rivals, please move the "attack another" button to a different location and replace with the "attack again" button. Right now, if you hit a rival and lose, you have to scroll down the list again to hit them a second time, but when you direct hit, you can hit again quickly, even when losing. 2) Please change settings so that you can select to only be notified for war alerts so the alerts don't get lost in kills and satcom chatter. 3) Instead of just cash war spoils, how about the player on the winning team who gets the most points gets awarded 10 gold bars. 4) To increase state wars, give a bonus of gold bars or a cool new arsenal unit to each player in an alliance who is able to hold a state for at least 7 days. Thanks Devs for your openness to suggestions. Much appreciated!

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We will try to include some of these features in the future updates... thanks

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