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Lots of ideas to add here

Devs I did some research and came up with these extra units for the following categories:


Aircraft Carrier ,

Tugboat ,

Hovercraft ,

Armed jet ski,

Air Force - 

Reconnaissance - RC-12 Huron ,

Bomber - B-1 Lancer ,

Advanced Attack chopper - AH-64 Apache ,

Gunship - AC- 130,


Anti infantry vechicle - M2 Bradley ,

Fast Attack Vehicle - Desert Patrol Vehicle ,

Armored personnel carriers .

Armed Snow mobile,


you can add a new section of units such as police, Units from history, Futuristic weapons, space units, or special forces which would include cia / fbi /secret service.

Also with all of this at least one new economy item should be added to accommodate these additions.

Also assignments that provide boosts like in DTM would be helpful  

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Thanks a lot for the input.. we will definitely consider these for our future updates.

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