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alliances and wars

Low levels can only do SND. Like myself im lvl 50 and my alliance members are same like in the range of 30-50. We can't invade bases or do world war if there are higher lvl in rival alliance. Lvl difference is the main problem like lvl 50 can't win against highee lvls like 100+. I think it would be alot better if alliance members are nearly of same lvls. For example if alliance general is lvl 50 then only lvl 40 - 6O should be able to join his alliance. And in wars opponent will be found according to the alliance's general lvl. After this bases and world war states can be differentiated i.e. bases or states for lvl below 50 70 100 140 190 240 etc ... Atm alliance or war system is bad for low levels except for SND.

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