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Tourney exp

This is a good game but it could be a great game with a lil tweaking... The upkeep is to high. Fact... people can't afford to participate in tourneys all the time due to the fact they level the player to fast. Lvln = more units needed. More units needed = more income needed.. More income needed = more camping.. More camping = players getting bored with the game. My suggestion is..Make it so that players who participate in Tourneys the pvp exp is not gained, instead the participating player only gains experience points based on the amount of tourney participation points the individual player has earned. Of course keep the current alliance point award system.. This will gain more participations..more participants means more gold purchases. This will also generate players to be more active and seek out more pvp outside of tourneys creating more wars outside of tourneys which lead to more wars during tourneys. Less people will complain about upkeep of units if lvln in the game wasn't so easy to do. As Developers it is your responsibility and just as important to ensure a pleasurable gaming experience for your customers as it is to fill your pockets. THANKS save the game!
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