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Harassment An threats

I'm getting tired of going onto battlecry An facing threats,racist behavior,more threats. Now I'm stalked by idiots that won't let alone I blocked six idiots An still they harass me An threatening An stalk me. I got bulgar dirty language all over my two walls of my account's I'm getting tired of things. No one deserves this type of behavior at all yet ppl can't quit with the insults,harassment An whatnot

Eric you’re worse than Tom ever was all you developers done was make a broken game for cheaters and trash to login an make trouble for everyone you even allowed a kid to make multiple accounts to threaten a person daily. Then allowed him to make fakes of folks you’re game sucks and so do you. So fuck you devs silence me Idgaf assholes I’m done with you’re game and you period!

Please visit the concerned user's profile and go to the "more options" [ ... ] button to access the report/block feature.

Once you report the user profile, kindly include the screenshot of the reported situation in the user report; we require it for our records, and based on the user report, we will check and act accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding and kind cooperation.

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