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I am being bullied by a player. Over a thousand hits and contuining. I thought bullying was not allowed. This guy just wont stop. Its time he moved on.

Can you afford to buy mercs ? If so buy the best you can, Then see if you can slot him out , Even though he hits you try and save to buy weapons and get a lot of mobis,spend a few hrs doing it , Last thing is ,,,,,, incom incom income get shed loads of money ,. I know it seems a vicious circle you get money he hits you and takes it , set your alarm on your phone/watch to collect money befor he hits you and takes it , join a Crew for protection , All s not lost ,one day you will smash the S&@? out of him ,

Well said @Carl Jones

This lady from NBK 2 have been attacking me with several accounts nonstop over 5k hits in a week started losing on one then boom started hitting from a higher one its just ridiculous she really help
Seems to me brandy your putting up with same bs as me on a daily basis an people really do need to grow up in the game I’ve olayed forever an have seen too much of this then comes the cyber bullying as well as smack talk. You try to settle shit peacefully,but unfortunately it’s a no go think they only login to make a person trouble from the get go. I even get threats on my alliance wall all time seriously if ppl are going to get so triggered over a game then logout an damned leave. Theirs no need to continue on with the bs the other day this guy moon rocks pissed because ppl who hit him off the strike list. So he puts bounty on me. I ask why? Anyone who hits my account an bounces gets strike listed he was very disrespectful towards an than started to harass me an next came his farming my account an I’m not even fully armed yet. Next he decided to get on my alliance because he couldn’t post to my wall anymore so he figures he will post to the alliance wall an make threats. Yeah devs condones this type of behavior brandy an sooner or later this is going to be another world war game where it’s deleted off the market place an off list of games it’s ppl like that that ruin the experience for others. Devs wants your money all they’re is to it. It’s a bout I’m bigger than you,better,an I’ll prove kindve behavior. If devs would take the gold away an all the other shit needed to progress the game it would be something but they only seek to line their own pocket’s I feel what your going thru ppl try that shit always to me. Eventually in time they give up to.
the jobin btb player is attacking all the members of the alliance tarheels disturbing the functioning of the alliance mainly during the wars and does not let us play normally, does not respect anyone
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