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Lost device account

Good day My old phone that I had a divice account in has crashed. Tha account name is "The Masked soupbone" a level 172 account. As I have only 1 e-mail I could not secure the account via normal options. The account is over a year old and I would like the account back please. Is there a way to secure the account when I get it back? Regards Riaan

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Send us an email -

Help me, i want old my account from Device session, name my account XXXMerkXxFfv level 237

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Status update ... Ticket number :130659 Burial Mound My alliance code: 350431 Eagle 31. General My code : 631 249 612

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Level 200

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Hello I come to you because my main account disappeared there and still in the games but impossible say access while this morning I could pseudo Tytoune my clan ASF Terrors
A yes I forgot my main account and level 202 and my code and 486,307,483 help please
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