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Gold items


I know you're in this to make money. Is it possible that when considering the release of gold items you do so with a bit of tact?


1. Give them an upkeep cost, so at least some work needs to be put in to their profiles as opposed to buying their way to the top.


2. Have them with zero upkeep, but their stats of a very similar level to normal equipment.

In either of these options the owner still has the advantage over non-buyers, but it will stop the game becoming dominated by gold purchasing.

I wouldn't have thought it would affect your profits too badly either, and it will provide a much better gaming experience for all.


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You released the gold armoury the day after I posted this and have given the items not only better stats than standard gear, but zero upkeep also.

So now the gold armouries will dominate those that don't have and from reading the comments on the dev wall right now I think you may have made an error of judgement.

Time will tell.